My name is Steve, and this is my blog.


That’s not a faux-hawk. That’s bed-head with short hair. And yes, the glass contains whiskey.

I’ve been blogging since 2003. I’ve been writing online since 2400bps modems were cool. I remember the Internet before it had pictures. (True story, bro.)

I’m a writer, idea-maker, and all-around creative guy. I’ve written in a professional capacity for organizations ranging from mom and pop non-profits to Fortune 500s. I was involved in some of the earliest efforts in corporate social media when the field was young and people were still more excited about new methods of content distribution than they were about platforms. In that capacity, I’ve written on topics ranging from social media to genetic engineering to American History to alternative fuel vehicles – sometimes under my own byline, and other times as a ghostwriter for top global executives. I’ve also worked in PR, organizational communications, and reputation and relationships management. I am currently the publisher and executive director of OnePeterFive – an online journal and education-based 501(c)(3) about Catholic culture I founded in 2014.

My opinion writing has appeared in various outlets, including USA Today, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Crisis MagazineCatholicVoteThe Washington TimesCatholic Exchange, LifeSiteNews, Rorate Caeli, and more. I’ve been interviewed by Fox News, Huffington Post Live, The New York Times, NBC News, The Washington Post, and American Public Radio.

Although I primarily work in the medium of essays, articles, and columns, I have begun work on a couple of non-fiction books, and am a huge science fiction fan and aspiring novelist. Fiction is a great escape from the insanity of 21st-Century Western Civilization. Plus: spaceships and robots and aliens are cool.

I like good scotch, good cigars, good food, good books, and good company. For fun, I like to travel, do a bit of off-roading in our kickass Jeep, dabble in graphic design, take photos, make videos, argue with people on the Internet, watch interesting movies and TV, and play the occasional video game.

As a master of the sedentary arts, I am currently pursuing a healthier lifestyle, and am a big advocate of intermittent fasting and keto/paleo eating. (Nevertheless, I still love beer, tacos, and chips.)

I’m married to Jamie, who is one absolutely incredible, beautiful woman. She also happens to also be a kick-ass real estate broker. Together, we live with in Arizona with six of our seven little evil geniuses adorable children.

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