Hey there. I see that my visitor stats dropped from about 5 per day down to about 1 per day over the last day or so, so I just wanted to say something to calm the masses. My site got taken down, MMA style, by my web hosting company, because some asshole hacked my steveskojec-staging.mrdsdzb3-liquidwebsites.com email account and was sending out SPAM about uncomfortable Mongolian sex positions, or something like that. It’s hard to remember, because I had A FREAKING THOUSAND bounced emails in my inbox. A real laugh a minute.

Anyway, I assuaged the hosting company by certifying that I do not have access to pharmaceutical grade genital enhancement chemicals or a kindly Nigerian uncle with AIDS and a bank account problem, so I’m back online.

Yay me! I bet I hit 10 site visits today because of my comeback moment.

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