Since October 1st, I’ve had over 7,000 visitors to this website, nearly 6,000 of them unique. In that time I’ve had nearly 20,000 pageviews. Most all of it has been for this post. I’ve probably gotten more email than I’ve ever gotten for anything else I’ve written. I’ve gotten mostly support, which I greatly appreciate.

The post has gotten prominent mentions on sites as diverse as The Remnant and The American Conservative. NBC news even interviewed me just a few minutes ago about Pope Francis. It’s very surreal what happens when you write from your gut.

Add that to the third of a million views and 100K Facebook shares for my recent post at about furloughed priests facing arrest, and I’m a bit stunned. I was even quoted extensively in a story that wound up on the Drudge Report.

Writing is and has been my first love. Writing about controversial topics is especially interesting, because I love good discussion and debate and the idea that maybe I’m changing minds and making a positive difference in a world gone mad. For the past few years, I’ve tried to keep controversy off these pages in an attempt to give it a more professional focus. The net result has been that I don’t write here much anymore. I’m a man driven by his passions, go figure.

So I’m taking those barriers down. I’m going to write here about what I want to write about. Sometimes, it’ll be technology or science fiction. Sometimes it’ll be about the craft of writing. Sometimes politics. Sometimes religion. Sometimes, my kids. Because writing about things you care about connects with people in ways that writing what you think you should write never does.

That said, I have a confession: I’m absolutely terrible at time management. I’d rather be writing — and talking about whatever I’ve just written with all of you — than doing just about anything else, and that means lots of reading too. But I have a business to help run, children to homeschool, and at any given time a sink that’s probably full of dishes and a laundry room with big drifts of dirty clothes. I don’t have a lot of time.

So, for those of you inclined to pray, I’m asking for your prayers. Please ask the Man upstairs help me to get organized and get my priorities straight. Ask Him to help me to fulfil the duties of my state in life according to His will, and to find the time when those tasks are done to do this thing I love so much I do it for free (or cheap) when I really need to be putting revenue-generating activities first.

And please be patient with me. I really do hope to be writing here more often again, but I have to cut off the sense of urgency and the need to be prolific at the knees. It’s keeping me from what I need to be doing.

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