It has come up in the comments a number of times as the discussion of the alleged locutions of Maria Divine Mercy has unfolded here over the past few weeks: only the Archbishop of Dublin has the jurisdiction and authority to condemn her messages.

It now appears that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin has done exactly that:



Requests for clarification have been coming to the Archdiocese of Dublin concerning the authenticity of alleged visions and messages received by a person who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy” and who may live in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.

These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations.


I have already offered my own opinion that these were false, but now the competent authority has drawn a line in the sand. Some will no doubt point out that Saint Faustina’s Diary and the Divine Mercy devotion were once condemned by the CDF, and are now among the most popular approved private revelations in the Church. That something like this could happen does not mean that it will happen. For now, the spirit of obedience and docility to Church authority that is demanded of the faithful means that Catholics need to distance themselves from the messages of “Maria Divine Mercy”.

There are enough indications in the Church of some form of coming chastisement without resorting to false messages from heaven that tell us things we want to hear, even if we only want to hear them because they confirm our fears.

Truth is what matters. God’s truth, not the idea of truth we want to impose on Him.

Keep praying. Keep asking for discernment. The enemy is laying traps to ensnare those of us who are seeing his sabotage of the Church. Don’t get pulled in.


UPDATE 4/19/2014: Since the discussion was no longer fruitful, comments on this post are closed.

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