I have to admit, it’s kind of cool to have a handy rhetorical toolkit which you can apply to anything and it still works. As long as you’re of a certain mindset, it just becomes a matter of fill-in-the blanks.

Ready? I’ll try it.


The term for this is “mercy”. The essential paragraph:

Stefan Hartmann’s letter to the Vatican, which he posted on his Facebook page, requested release from the traditional oath “in acknowledgement of my weaknesses and failures, with all due humility and after long consideration of my conscience and personal situation”.

He has been a father for 25 years and is 59 years old. This is mercy – to allow him to be released from celibacy. I like a Church of mercy.


No wonder people are doing this so much these days. It’s so easy. Hardly an ounce of thought or effort required.

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