Well, sort of. Let me give a brief rundown of what the Dealy-O is.

Last year, after writing a handful of things about the wild and weird things happening in the Catholic Church here in the pages of ye olde blog, I realized I was on to something and decided to start a website dedicated to precisely that sort of thing.

194 days, 295 posts, and almost 2 million pageviews later, OnePeterFive is a real thing. A Cinderella Story. A contender.

Before I launched the new site, however, I had begun trying to do essentially the same sort of thing here (before realizing it was too big in scope to be a personal project.) This site had begun a transmogrification into an online magazine. The formatting changed. I added too many ads to try to keep it funded. It got ugly and unwieldy. And then it got abandoned, because I was spending too much time working on 1P5.

Well, after countless notifications that people were trying to hack this site while I was off playing with my shiny new toy, I decided to finally upgrade my hosting, downgrade my theme back to the one I had before, and make it a personal site again.

After all, I used to write about other things. And those build up after a spell.

So here we are. A return to free form. I’ll write what I can, when I can. Personal projects. Observations on life. Things that amuse me. I haven’t picked up any spare time along the way, but I needed the outlet back. I’m a writer. And sometimes, a man who calls himself that has to write about things other than his religion.

Consider yourself updated.


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