An Orlando gun shop owner says that he reported shooter Omar Mateen to the FBI after Mateen exhibited suspicious behavior and requests at his store weeks before the Pulse Massacre:

A gun store owner reported Orlando shooter Omar Mateen to authorities weeks before he committed the worst mass shooting in US history.

Robbie Abell, co-owner of Lotus Gunworks, told the Wall Street Journal Mateen came into the store in South Florida in May and asked for heavy-duty body armor like the kind used by law enforcement.

Staff at the store, which does not sell body armor, felt it was a strange demand.

After his request was denied, Mateen asked to buy bulk ammunition.

Though Lotus does sell ammunition, staff shut down his request and refused to sell him anything else.

They subsequently reported the incident to the FBI, Abell said.

Mateen had already been investigated by the FBI years before.

But even after Abell’s report, the 29-year-old self-radicalized gunman obtained an AR-15 and a semiautomatic pistol from another store in the area, bought stacks of ammunition, then opened fire on Pulse nightclub, where he killed 49 people and wounded 53.

As I read this, I found myself remembering something I had read about the San Bernadino shooting last year:

According to a local Los Angeles news report, a neighbor of San Bernardino massacre suspects Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik didn’t report suspicious activity at their apartment for fear of being accused of racism.

This is the same politically correct culture that lead to the Ft. Hood shooting when Nidal Hassan, who had been spouting violent Islamic propaganda to neighbors on post and reaching out to Al Qaeda, was ignored for fear of “Islamaphobia” accusations.

The warning signs were all there: the justification of homicide bombings; the spewing of anti-American hatred; the efforts to reach Al Qaeda …

But the U.S. military treated Major Nidal Malik Hasan with kid gloves, even after giving him a poor performance review. And though he was on the radar screen of at least one U.S. intelligence agency, no action was taken that might have prevented the Army psychiatrist from allegedly gunning down 13 people and wounding 29 others in the Fort Hood massacre last week.

See something, say something, is dead.

How many times is this going to happen? How many times are people going to be killed because we’re terrified to say something about an Islamic individual acting suspiciously because we don’t want to appear racist? How many times are people going to be killed because someone does say something but the bureaucrats are unwilling to act because they don’t want to appear racist?

This is insanity.

First of all, Islam is not a race. And the only Islam-related phobia that truly presents a societal problem is Islamaphobia-aphobia. We’re afraid of appearing to fear Islam.

We should fear Islam. The biggest shooting massacre on US Soil since Wounded Knee, and it was perpetrated by a Muslim. (We’re now seeing reports that the FBI told Omar Mateen’s ex-wife not to mention to the press that she believed he was gay. So add that layer of…whatever that is to the mix.)

Milo Yiannapolous is a “gay” conservative writer and speaker who made the striking claim, “The Left Chose Islam Over Gays. Now 100 People Are Dead Or Maimed In Orlando“. Milo was subsequently suspended from Twitter, a move he says was motivated by the social network’s choice to be “Sharia-compliant.” After the Drudge Report made his suspension as their top story, his account was reinstated. Yesterday, Milo tweeted, “Woke up to thousands of new death threats from Muslims in a mixture of English and Arabic.”

At the online publication I manage, OnePeterFive, we’ve covered the Islamic threat — and the reality of what Islam teaches — pretty extensively. And every time I publish something, I have to consider the reality that there is a mosque within walking distance of my home.

Why is that a problem? Because for Mohammed, mosques were more than just places of worship. They were military recruitment centers. And since Mohammed is the “perfect man” whose life is to be emulated in all things, they have been ever since. Are most Muslims “moderate” in their views? Statistically, yes, at least in America. Still, 8% of American Muslims believe that suicide bombings against civilian targets are either “sometimes justified” or “often justified”. And those are the people on the record. There’s a joke that’s been going around long enough that it should soon classify as an old joke: moderate Muslims don’t want to kill you. They want radical Muslims to kill you.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Listen to Islamic scholar Andrew Bieszad, left-libertarian Bill Maher, or the aforementioned Milo Yiannapoulos.

We need to stop being afraid to call a snake a snake. Islam — not radical Islam, all Islam — is a danger. And our reticence to speak out against it is costing people their lives.

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