Wheat Baby is Angry

This kid is mad. And looks like Patton Oswalt.

I realized over the weekend that we had just reached our 1-year anniversary of going primal. This is a moderately big deal. I’ve never done a dietary change that has lasted a whole year before. I’ve also never done one that I intend to stick to for much longer than that.

It’s been a year of success, for both of us. Jamie and I collectively lost 70 pounds (I lost 40, she lost 30) but I’ve gained about 15 back out of laziness and she is pregnant so all bets are off for a while. I will say, it’s the best, healthiest, lowest-problem pregnancy so far. And she’s gained very little weight. She’s just this normal, beautiful woman with a basketball in her stomach. Or as the nice Asian lady at Costco said to me the other day, “You lucky! You wife have 6 kid and she still sexy!”

Um, yeah, lady. Why do you think we have six kids?

In any event, I need to get back on the wagon. I stopped exercising way back in May of 2012. I got busy, the weather got hot, and I just stopped. The weight loss continued for a couple more months, then tapered. Jamie got preggers and started craving carbs, so potatoes and rice made more frequent appearances at the dinner table. The Holiday season went fairly well, with some minor indiscretions, but I still gained. My biggest problem remains my fondness for bourbon and red wine. I have at least one drink most nights, and that tends to put the brakes on the no-exercise metabolism.

Still, I’m consistently at a weight I haven’t seen since 2003, and I feel better overall and have a kick-butt immune system. Blood pressure is lower, cholesterol good, and bacon is tasty on everything. My waistline is still four inches slimmer. I’ll take the improvement, but I’m looking for more.

This year, I want to re-lose that 15 pounds, and then go for another 30. Then I’ll be sitting in butter. Literally, I plan to celebrate by sitting in a tub of butter. With a straw. Okay, I’m grossing myself out now.

Also fantastic, I continue to hear from people who have gone primal due at least in part to our recommendations. Not one of them has had a bad thing to say, and most have lost weight and feel great. This makes me really, really happy.

I had started a blog over at primalfamilyliving.com to document our progress, insights, recipes, and all that jazz, but I honestly just don’t have time to keep up with it. And frankly, there’s like 47 quadrillion paleo blogs out there now, most of which are written by people far more attractive than I am, with really impressive abs. I’ll let them do the heavy lifting (har har) and post all the coconut and bacon-related food porn.

So yeah. 45 pounds this year? Guess I better start walking.

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